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  • 2018 Student Booklists

    Booklists for Years 5-12 students for 2018 can be accessed by clicking on the Campion Education logo below




    GVGS will again be utilising the Sustainable School Shop for families to trade second hand books online. This website is a useful resource if you are looking to sell or buy second hand textbooks. The system automatically matches buyers with sellers. The key to successful trading is quickly listing Wanted and For Sale ads, and then the system immediately starts sending out Ad Match emails. GVGS has paid an Annual Subscription fee to enable all GVGS families to access this service free of charge. To complete your order online, please click on the Sustainable School Shop logo below.


    Please see below for some helpful instructions to assist when buying and/or selling second hand books, once you have registered on the Sustainable School Shop site.

    Buying second-hand textbooks
    Click on Find Books, select your booklist, and tick the boxes of the books you need. The system will show you the correct second-hand books to buy. Click on the Member With Most Matches to see who has the majority of the books that you require, or click on Cheapest Books. You will receive Ad Match emails when newly listed books match your wanted ads.

    Selling second-hand textbooks
    Click on Sell Books and follow the prompts, the system will assist with ad construction and provides a pricing guide.
    Please remember to delist your ads as your books sell. To delist ads, log-in, click on the red Delist button and then on the sold button on the right side of your ad.

    If you have any queries please contact the Sustainable School Shop: 0438 743 444

    Mr Leon McLeod

    Deputy Principal





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