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IT Corner

This article is aimed at helping members of our school community understand and experience the cyber world that our children live in. Teaching children and teens to be good Digital Citizens from a young age will protect them and their reputations.


Have you heard the phrase Qoohme?

What does it mean?

Why should we be aware of Qoohme? is another social media site which parents need to know about. Qoohme allows users to ask one another questions anonymously. Vincent Mabuza is the founder. The site was launched in May 2012.


Anecdotally, we have become aware that Qoohme is being actively pursued by students of all ages at GVGS. Not always with positive outcomes! Students have been harassed and bullied through the site.


There is no age restriction. No privacy settings! Simply create a user name and a password, add your email address and you are in. Immediately, questions can be asked of you from random anonymous people and they are not necessarily nice. If you choose to answer a question, then the question and your answer can be seen by the public on your Qoohme profile, your Facebook wall and Twitter (if you choose). Young users of Qoohme can interact with adults with no indication as to who is who and, more disturbingly, vice versa. You can add a photo. But who knows if it is you or not? The site provides protection for teens to ask each other anonymous questions! You can only imagine where this can lead.


To ask questions you don’t even have to log in or have an account. All you need to know is the person’s username or look up anyone whether you know them or not. If inappropriate questions are asked there is no way users can be reported or blocked and no way to know who has asked or answered them. Qoohme developers make this statement: ‘The aim is NOT to spread gossip or bully and harass people’, yet there does not appear to be any monitoring or filtering and probably predictably this is precisely what some teens are using it for. Please check with your son or daughter if they are using Qoohme and discuss the need for this type of interaction which encourages anonymity and has already had negative outcomes in our school community.


Mrs Faye Kerr

Equal Opportunity Coordinator


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