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GVGS ICT Acceptable use Protocol  for Students

Goulburn Valley Grammar recognises that electronic information and communication skills are now required as essential knowledge for members of our society and as future employees. The electronic communication and information resources of the school are made available to enhance the educational experiences of students and to provide staff with the tools necessary to implement and enhance the school’s educational program. Electronic communication systems include Internet, Intranet, e-mail, netbooks, laptops, mobile phones, iPads, iPods (or any mp3 device), podcasts and related applications. The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for the use of these resources and maintain a cyber safety culture which is in keeping with the values of the school, and legislative and professional obligations. The ICT Acceptable Use Agreement includes actions which determine the safety of the school environment. The school’s ICT facilities are for educational purposes appropriate to the school environment. This applies whether the ICT equipment is owned or leased either partially or wholly by the school, and used on or off the school site.

All students are required to read and sign the Use Agreement at the commencement of the school year.



1. Students and parents/caregivers/legal guardians please read and discuss all sections carefully.

2. Parents and students sign the Agreement and have it signed by your Tutor.

3. If you have any questions about this agreement please contact the Head of eLearning.


Use Agreement

The following rules are to help keep Goulburn Valley Grammar School students cyber safe and to help maintain our ICT Resources.


1. Personal and Peer safety

As a safe, responsible and ethical user of ICT:

1.1. I will log on only with my user name. I will not allow anyone else to use my user name and I will not tell anyone else my password.

1.2. While at school or a school-related activity, I will not have any involvement with any ICT material or activity which might put myself or anyone else at risk (e.g. bullying, harassment, security of personal information etc).

1.3. I understand that I must not at any time use ICT to upset, offend, harass, threaten or in any way harm anyone connected to the school, the school itself or the wider community, even if it is meant humorously.

1.4. I will support others by being respectful in how I communicate with them and never write or participate in online bullying (this includes forwarding messages and even supporting others in inappropriate or hurtful online behaviour)

1.5. I will talk to a teacher if I feel uncomfortable or unsafe online or see others participating in unsafe, inappropriate or hurtful online behaviour.

1.6. I will seek to understand the terms and conditions of websites and online communities and be aware that content I upload or post is my digital footprint.

1.7. I will protect my privacy by asking a teacher’s permission before giving out any personal information (including photos) online about myself or any other person, whilst using ICT at school. I will also get permission from any other person involved. Personal information includes name, address, email address, phone numbers, and graphics.

1.8. I will only take and download photos and record sound or video when it is part of an approved lesson.

1.9. I will seek permission from individuals involved before taking photos, recording sound or videoing them (including teachers), and use these under the guidance and direction of my teachers.

1.10. I will seek appropriate (written) permission from individuals involved before publishing or sending photos, recorded sound or video to anyone else or to any online public space and I will be respectful in the photos I take or video I capture and never use these as a tool for bullying or harming another person.


2. Positive Behaviour

As a safe, responsible and ethical user of ICT:

2.1 I understand that the rules in this Use Agreement apply to all electronic devices and computers, including netbooks, iPads, iPods, mobile phones or other electronic devices (including mp3 players). I agree that I will only use these at the times that I am permitted during the school day and understand that it is the right of an individual teacher to govern when and how these devices are used within their learning area or area of responsibility. I also understand that any device should not interfere with the learning of me or others.

2.2 While at school, I will not:

• Access, or attempt to access, inappropriate, illegal, age restricted or objectionable material

• Download, save or distribute such material by copying, storing, printing or showing it to other people

• Share any inappropriate, age restricted or objectionable material with others or explain to others methods of accessing such material

• Make any attempt to get around (bypass) security, monitoring and filtering that is in place at school. 2.3 If I accidentally access inappropriate material, I will:

• Not show others

• Turn off the screen or minimise the window and report the incident to a teacher immediately. 2.4 I understand that these rules apply to netbooks and any privately owned ICT equipment/device I bring to school or a school-related activity. Any images or material on such equipment/devices must be appropriate to the school environment. I understand that, where due cause is shown, the school reserves the right to confiscate or access any device that is on school Property or in possession of a student whilst the student is in the school’s care.

2.5 I understand that if I do bring any privately owned ICT equipment to school or a school-related activity that the school takes no responsibility for the safe-keeping of the device.

2.6 I understand that if I download files or manipulate the original electronic image (installed software) on any device loaned or provided for my use by the school in a manner that affects the integrity/quality/performance of the original image installed, or the hardware itself, then I must reimburse the school for the cost of any technical intervention required to repair/restore the electronic image/hardware.


Clauses 2.7 – 2.9 are applicable to Year 9 students:

2.7 I understand that I may use my netbook to download files for my personal use, such as music, videos, games or programs at home.

At school, I may only download such files with the permission of a teacher.

2.8 I will ensure that any download I make complies with the Copyright Amendment Act 2006 and that any programs or music files are licensed, legal copies.

I realise that anyone who pirates files or infringes copyright may be personally liable under this law.

2.9 I understand that playing my personal games, music, and videos at school is restricted to rules set by the school and directions given to me by teachers, both in the classroom and the school grounds. These rules may change from time to time and it is my responsibility to take note and be aware of these.


3. School security which keeps our community safe

As a safe, responsible and ethical user of ICT:

3.1 I will not connect any device to, or attempt to run any software on, school ICT equipment without a teacher’s permission.

3.2 I will not download large files without the permission of the ICT Manager and will follow the directions given to me regarding download procedures.

3.3 I will not send chain letters or engage in spamming (sending an annoying message to large amounts of people).

3.4 I will manage the use of my H Drive, GroupWise mailbox and netbook document folders by organising my school files in a subject folder hierarchy and will store school related files only therein.

3.5 I will not bring executable files (programs) to school on UBS/Flash devices or netbook.

3.6 I will respect all ICT systems in use at school and treat all ICT with care.

3.7 I will not interfere with network security, the data of other users or attempt to log into the network with a user name or password of another user.

3.8 I understand that the school may monitor traffic and material sent and received using the school’s ICT network.

3.9 I understand that the school may audit my use of ICT to ensure my downloads are not excessive and are in accordance with the download policy.

3.10I understand that the school has procedures if this Use Agreement is not followed.


4. Wired and Wireless Network

The wired and wireless networks are provided to GVGS students to allow them to access the internet when using the internet, intranet, e-mail, netbooks, laptops, mobile phones, iPads, iPods (or any mp3 device), podcasts and related applications for school purposes. The network operates across many different areas within the school and is audited and maintained to the same standards for both students and staff. The network operates under the following parameters:

• Coverage across all areas of the school. The ICT Department are continuously monitoring and maintaining this coverage.

• The wireless network is monitored by the same content filtering system that operates for all students on the rest of the Goulburn Valley Grammar network.

• The school has placed a download quota on the student wired and wireless network limiting students to 500 megabytes per week.

As a safe, responsible and ethical user of ICT:

4.1 I acknowledge that the use of the wired and wireless network is governed by the GVGS Acceptable Use Protocol, and the same guidelines for the use of these resources apply.

4.2 I will adhere to the limits of the download quota that the school has allocated to me.

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