Celebrating 40 years of education

This year is a significant one for the School marking the completion of 40 years of education since 1982. The School’s foundation did not involve any religious order, government or non-government organisation. This is quite unusual for an independent school and is a testament to the energy and community commitment shown by the founders. Equally the early parents showed remarkable conviction and confidence to enrol their children in a fledgling school with no history, traditions or heritage. It was a truly pioneering time.  

The founder’s dream was to create an environment offering a high-quality education to local children in the independent school tradition. Through their determination and sacrifice they achieved the original vision.  

In May a number of celebration events were held for both the current and past school community. An assembly was held for all current staff and students. Following the assembly students took our special guests on guided tours and welcomed them to year level forums. During the forums student representatives from each year level asked a series of questions of our guests to learn more about the School’s heritage.  

An open 40th anniversary event was held on a Sunday and was attended by current and past students, parents and staff. A dinner was also held for a limited number of special guests who played key roles in the School’s foundation and evolution.  

During these celebrations we were particularly excited to welcome the following people who shared their experiences and reflections.  

  • Merryn Howell – foundation student and current parent  
  • Chris McNeilfoundation student  
  • Judy Grace – current member of staff appointed in 1984  
  • Ian Rule – Principal 1998 – 2008  
  • Vic Ryall – foundation Principal serving from 1981 to 1989. 
  • Prue Dobson – member of the School’s Interim Council in 1979, past parent and past Board Chair, current Board Member  
  • Peter Johnson – one of the School’s original founders who served on the Finance Sub Committee for over 40 years 

The School’s motto continues to challenge us to not be complacent and to raise our eyes and dreams to possibilities and opportunities. The School Board has used this opportunity as a time to look to the future while being informed by the School’s history. The Board completed a deep strategic planning process early in 2022. The resulting plan “Towards 2030” was launched during our recent celebrations. “Towards 2030” sets out our mission and purpose and identifies a series of strategic initiatives to create the School’s future.