James Auld, Class of 2022

James Auld started at GVGS in Year 8 and tried to get as involved as he could from the start, participating in the School Football and Cricket Teams as well as other extracurricular activities.

“Every year we have the ICCES competitions, as well as the House Athletics and Cross-Country Carnivals and I got involved every time. It was a way to meet students from other schools and also students from other year levels at GVGS, so that was great,” he says.

“The School camps were a highlight for me as well, they’ve always been exciting. My favourite camp was definitely going to Melbourne in Year 9 because you’re thrown in the deep end and have to find your way around.”

James says undertaking VCE studies virtually was a strange experience, but his teachers went to a lot of effort to make it feel as normal as possible.

“Like everyone, I would much prefer to be at school with my friends than at home in front of the computer, but the School handled COVID-19 and online learning very well. I felt really connected the whole time. By the end of it, everyone was pretty sick of it so it was good that we could move back to the classroom for my final year,” he says.

“We’ve been able to enjoy some normality in 2022 and it’s great to be back at school and having that final year with all your friends around you.”

James is still undecided about whether he will take a gap year in 2023 or head straight down to Melbourne and start his university studies.

“If I go to university, I think I’ll do commerce at either Monash or Melbourne. I’ve done some research and seen some good feedback from current students, the School’s careers advisor also suggested that I pursue commerce at either of those universities” he says. “Having a careers advisor this year has been really helpful. You get to check-in with them and chat about where you want to go and what needs to be done to get there.”

As someone who has embraced every aspect of his time at GVGS, James has a few words of advice for the Class of 2023. “Make the most of it while you’re there because the time can go so quickly – it’s all over before you know it, so just enjoy the ride.”