Sasith De Abrew, Class of 2022

Sasith De Abrew and his family moved to Shepparton from Sydney while he was in primary school and he commenced at GVGS in Year 7.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time at the School, it’s been wonderful. The best thing about it is the friends that I’ve made over the years. We’re all very competitive with each other and that’s been one of my reasons to keep studying” he says.

“Being around like-minded people gives you the drive to work hard, stay focused and keep going. If I had to pick one thing I’m grateful for at GVGS, it would be the environment that the School fosters: to be your best and aim high. Being somewhere where you’re supported and encouraged to do your best every day means a lot.”

Sasith chose science and mathematics subjects for his VCE and although he was originally planning to become a doctor in the future, his focus has changed.

“I don’t have anything to compare it to, but there has been a lot for me to learn over the past couple of years and it’s definitely been difficult at times. I chose my subjects because I find them interesting, so it didn’t feel like a chore to study because I have a genuine passion for those topics,” he says. “Originally, the plan was to do medicine, but now I’m looking into engineering, so I’m keeping my options open at the moment. Throughout Year 12, the career planning we did made me feel like maybe engineering would suit me better, but either course would be a great opportunity.”

In his spare time, Sasith takes the skills he learns in the classroom and applies them to his hobbies of computer programming and website design. “A lot of what I do at school carries over to my pastimes – I enjoy practicing and honing my skills,” he says.

For the next cohort of VCE students at GVGS, Sasith says it’s important to find something that interests you and go with that. “Once you find something you’re passionate about, it’s much easier to focus and cope with the workload. It’s so important to have the time and space to relax as well, because everyone needs a break,” he says.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of my friends and teachers. Between COVID-19 and the recent floods, it’s been difficult for everyone and we worked through it together. I’m so grateful for everything the School has given me, especially during recent years when times have been very tough in Victoria and Shepparton specifically.”