ICAS Medal achievers

Each year, the University of NSW runs the prestigious ICAS competitions. ICAS Assessments are designed to recognise academic excellence with students assessed on their ability to apply classroom learning to new contexts using higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills.

The ICAS competitions were slightly altered this year, with no Year 11 or 12 level competitions offered and no Writing section this year. However, the university still offered competitions in English, Science and Mathematics.Over 100 GVGS students took part in the ICAS competitions this year, and the school was pleased to present certificates to a number of students who achieved either a Distinction, putting them in the top 10% of entrants Australia-wide; or a High Distinction, placing them in the top 1% of entrants across the whole country.Impressively three GVGS students not only achieved distinctions in more than one category but additionally have been awarded an ICAS medal.ICAS Medals are presented to the student with the top score in each subject at each level. With several thousand entrants in ICAS competitions each year across Australia, it is an extraordinary achievement for GVGS to have even one student receive an ICAS medal in any year. This year, to receive 3 medals is a true testament to the high calibre of students we have at our school.

At Year 8 level, achieving a distinction in Science, a High Distinction in mathematics, and the ICAS Medal for the top overall score in Year 8 Mathematics, we congratulate Hriday Shah.

At Year 9 level, achieving a distinction in Mathematics, a High Distinction in Science, and the ICAS Medal for the top overall score in Year 9 Science, we congratulate Xavier Schmedje.

At Year 10 level, achieving distinctions in both Science and Mathematics and a High Distinction in  English, as well as the ICAS Medal for the top overall score in Year 10 English, we congratulate Sasith De Abrew.

Congratulations to all of our ICAS participants this year, who each challenged themselves regardless of what their final score was. The school is immensely proud of the resilience, willingness to accept challenge and adaptability of every single GVGS student who was willing to give up their time to complete the challenge of ICAS this year, and we encourage all students to consider participating next year.

Ms Kath D’Elia – Director of Learning, Senior Years.

PICTURED L-R: Sasith De Abrew, Hriday Shah and Xavier Schmedje.