Learning is central to the school’s vision. Learning growth and achievement are at the core of our aims and efforts. Since foundation, the school has strived to maximise the learning growth and achievement of all students. There is abundant research demonstrating both the most reliable and efficient learning practices for students and the highest gain instructional practices for teachers to use.

The school holds high expectations for the learning of all students. We know that when students invest an appropriate level of effort and are given the necessary curriculum, instruction and support, they are likely to demonstrate expected learning growth.

One of the school’s primary goals is for students to have high expectations of themselves and to give their best effort. When students believe in their capacity to learn and achieve, they are more likely to engage in learning with the necessary passion and commitment.

In order for students to achieve their dreams they must be prepared to harness their skills and talents through sustained effort and endeavour. Learning is an incremental and gradual process that rewards sustained effort. The school has a responsibility to encourage and inspire students to commit the effort and work required to realise or exceed their aspirations and dreams.
The school aims to make the learning visible for our students so that they understand what is to be learned. Students also require timely and accurate feedback on how their learning has progressed and what action will take their learning to higher levels. The school informs students and parents of learning progress through continuous online reporting of learning and achievement. We make time to value and celebrate student effort, progress and achievement.

Our teachers use evidence informed instructional practices to maximise student learning. Our teachers understand the instructional and learning techniques that increase the likelihood of success. They reflect on their instructional practice and seek feedback which informs continuous improvement. Our staff recognise that collaborative expertise maximises the learning of all students.

Parents are a key element in the learning partnership. The role of parents is critical in providing expectations and an environment at home in which students can learn and achieve.

What we learn

We aim to equip students with conceptual understandings and knowledge, reflective practices, effective study skills and self-discipline. This is the learning that will matter in the lives our students are likely to lead. A broad education, is preferred over early specialisation, so that students are empowered with the functional skills to help them to realise their potential and to effectively participate in a 21st century society. Our academic learning programme is informed by the Victorian Curriculum and the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

School Structure

Middle Years (Years 5-8)
Yakapna Programme (Year 9)
Senior School (Years 10-12)


Literacy & Numeracy assistance

Where necessary, students are provided with extra support for the development of their literacy and numeracy skills.