Learning Achievement

GVGS VCE ATAR Scores 2022

5 students ATAR 99+

15% in the top 5% of the state (ATAR 95+)

33% in the top 10% of the state (ATAR 90+)

55% in the top 20% of the state (ATAR 80+)

75% in the top 30% of the state (ATAR 70+)

The School community sincerely congratulates the entire Class of 2022. They endured two full years of pandemic restrictions and a major flood event causing the loss of their last week of school. The Class of 2022 persisted and demonstrated true resilience.

Over the years their commitment to learning was evident throughout periods of remote classes and the return to onsite learning. We particularly acknowledge the resilience of students who experienced deep challenges including illness, loss and grief.

The Class of 2022 were particularly diverse while remaining supportive of group initiatives. They showed a genuine and infectious excitement and appreciation for being part of the school community.

They have been passionate promoters of the School’s sport programme as players, coaches, umpires and referees.

The Class of 2022 made an enormous contribution to the school music and production programme despite the pandemic. A large number remained active performers throughout their time including in Year 12.

They were committed to the goal of rejuvenating the School’s positive onsite culture. Their innovations included lunchtime migrations to build relationships with younger students. Equally they demonstrated care for others through their fundraising efforts raising nearly $12,000.

The Class of 2022 has left a fine legacy demonstrating the qualities of Semper Ulterius.

Outstanding Achievements

Anna Howell – 99.75

Ashwath Ragade – 99.65

Sasith De Abrew – 99.6

Edward Miechel – 99.15

Albatool Abdulamir – 99.0

Sharon Anthony – 98.15

Alice Davidson – 97.65

Hazera Akan – 97.05

More information

Study Scores over 40 19.5% (State Avg. 7%)
Median Study Score 34
ATAR 99 + 5 students
ATAR 97 + 8 students
ATAR 95 + 15% (14 students)
ATAR 90 + 33% (30 students)
ATAR 80 + 55% (50 students)
ATAR 70 + 75% (68 students)


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