GVGS Foundation

 If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Since the earliest days community support has been crucial to the development of the school. A new Foundation structure seeks to support, sustain and develop Goulburn Valley Grammar School for the long term.

The role of the Foundation is to assist the School Board to develop and maintain excellence in education, facilities and community service at GVGS. The Foundation has three broad elements:


The Board has established the GVGS Scholarship Fund in order to transform the lives of young people through the social-justice scholarship programme. This programme supports students who may otherwise be unable to benefit from the life-changing education and culture of the school. e.g. students from Aboriginal, refugee and low income backgrounds. All gifts to this fund are fully tax deductible.


The facilities our students enjoy today are a direct result of the generosity of past families. It is now the turn of the present generation to ensure opportunities for future generations. The Foundation will manage the GVGS Building Fund to support the development of the school’s physical environment. All gifts to this fund are fully tax deductible.


The Foundation has established the GVGS Endowment Fund to generate a large capital trust, which will give the school a strong and permanent financial base. The Endowment Fund will support projects, future funds, student awards, prizes and recognitions and proposals from benefactors.

Mrs Prue Dobson – Former Chair of the School Board

In the late 1970s, Mrs Dobson was a mother of three young boys. She wanted to send them to a local secondary school – not a Melbourne boarding school. She was unhappy with the choices available, so she and a group of other hard-working, forward-thinking parents, set up a school office and started taking enrolments. It cost $25 for each child.

Today Mrs Dobson, a retired teacher and Deputy Principal, remains on the School Board. Her support of the school has been unwavering, even though it is many years since her children left.

“The time for a new Foundation is right as we now have ‘second generation students’. There will be three broad areas of giving: scholarships, building and endowment. It is going to create a way for past parents, students and the community to remain connected with the school. It will be a launching pad for a whole range of other initiatives.

“The generosity of past donors has resulted in the wonderful school Goulburn Valley Grammar School is today. It is this past philanthropy that led to the creation of the many buildings we see today, as well as student scholarships. Every gift to the Foundation will make a real and positive impact.”

Mr Peter Johnson – Past Board Member, Finance Committee, Foundation Committee, Life Fellow

Mr Peter Johnson continues to be a key member of the original Steering Group, Foundation Board Member, Life Fellowship recipient and member of the GVGS Finance Committee since foundation.

A retired lawyer, Mr Peter Johnson was selflessly involved in the establishment of Goulburn Valley Grammar School from the outset and has continually shared his business and legal expertise over a period of more than 35 years.

“What we’ve done to date has been for a specific purpose and was event driven.

“For me the Foundation fills the missing link in our desire for financial stability. All the good things that happen at the school only happen because we have a financially stable environment. There is no guarantee that it is there forever. We need to have a vehicle to provide long-term financial strength for the school; something where people can genuinely create a difference.

“We are now getting past students with children at the school. We have traditionally had very strong parent support. This is another step in that. The school now has a life cycle. You can see the school now in perpetuity.

“We needed the specific-purpose funds but we have never had a vehicle for general endowments. Technology will help us to connect with people now.”

Mr Mark Torriero – Principal

“The school was born out of the dreams, sacrifices, hard work and commitment of families from across northern Victoria. Community support has been the bedrock of the school’s growth and development.

“The school has always aimed to provide students and staff with a physical environment that is inspirational and comfortable. Over the last 35 years the school’s growth and development has been remarkable. This has only been possible through the combination of careful financial management by the Board and Finance Committee and through the generosity and support of the school community. The Parents’ and Friends’ Association and the Mothers’ Club have continued to be major supporters of development from the school’s inception.

“The spirit of the new Foundation honours the vision, generosity and commitment of our school’s founders by encouraging giving to support the education of current and future generations

To find out more

To find out more about the GVGS Foundation please contact Director of Development, Mrs Pam Pogue on +61 3 5833 3300 or email