Senior School

In the senior years, students explore specific areas in greater focus, understand and apply new content and skills while beginning to identify and plan for post-school pathways.

At senior levels, a wide range of VCE units are offered, opening opportunities for students across the tertiary sector. Year 10 is seen as the introduction to the VCE.

Year 10

In Year 10 students move into the Senior School. It is a year when students are expected to take increased personal responsibility for their own progress and continue to develop a positive partnership of learning with their teachers. Three defining parts of Year 10 are the Academic Programme, the Year 10 Camp and Structured Workplace Learning. Year 10 students are provided with the opportunity to commence their VCE studies and to gain experience in the types and methods of assessment found in the VCE.

Teaching and assessment at Year 10 are directed at preparing students for their VCE. Students are able to study some VCE level 1 and 2 units during Year 10. Students study a core curriculum of English, Mathematics, at least one Science, Humanities and either VCE Industry and Enterprise or Indonesian. In addition, students choose up to four further studies from a selection of electives. All students take part in an Outdoor Education camp and Work Experience.

Years 11 & 12

The VCE is the senior certificate awarded over the final years of a student’s secondary schooling at GVGS. It is an exciting and flexible certificate that allows students to tailor their senior schooling to their own strengths and interests while maintaining a commitment to excellence. The VCE is a qualification that allows students to follow their goals and dreams in a rigorous and challenging environment. Students in Year 11 may also accelerate their learning by undertaking a Unit 3-4 subject in addition to their Unit 1-2 subjects. The school offers a wide range of the VCE studies. Extension Studies may also be undertaken. On completion of the VCE students may apply for a wide variety of post school pathways including tertiary studies, training and employment.