Yakapna Programme (Year 9)

Year 9 is viewed as an important year as it serves as a transition between the middle years and senior years of schooling.

The core curriculum is comprised of English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Indonesian, Personal Development and Health & Physical Education. Elective subjects include Outdoor Education, Digital Technologies – Gaming, Dollars and Sense, STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics), Art and Photography, Music and Visual Communication and Design.

The programme has offered students a wide range of signature experiences. These have developed over the years and currently include:

The Urban Experience in Melbourne

Students are given authentic learning experiences while immersed in the city environment. The camp provides the opportunity for independent learning and acceptance of responsibilities.

The Immersion Programme

Enables students to experience more ‘hands-on’ learning in settings often outside the classroom and in our community.

The Service Project provides students with involvement in the wider community in a valuable and significant way. In small teams, students identify opportunities to support their local communities.