Leadership and Governance

The role of school leadership is to implement the school’s vision and bring to reality the strategic aims and priorities.

The school sees the responsibility of leadership as supporting staff and students to realize their potential aligned with the school’s vision. Leadership roles are widely distributed across the staff. Extensive opportunities are available for staff to inform major decision making.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mr Mark Torriero, Principal,
  • Mr Kim Stokie, Business Manager
  • Mr Leon McLeod, Deputy Principal
  • Mrs Nicole Bensch, Director of Digital Platforms
  • Ms Kathryn D’Elia, Director of Learning Senior Years
  • Mr Tim James, Director of Learning Middle Years
  • Ms Trish Lawless, Director of Students
  • Mr Shane McDonald, Director of Co-curricular Programmes


Goulburn Valley Grammar School sees good governance as critical to the school fulfilling its aims and objectives in the short and long term.

Good governance is critical to the school fulfilling its aims and objectives. The school is governed by a Board of Directors elected by members of Goulburn Valley Grammar School Ltd., a not-for-profit company. Board members are elected for three-year terms with elections being held at the Annual General Meeting in May each year. The Principal is also a Director.

Governance responsibilities include the establishment and realisation of the School’s vision and strategic direction. Governance also involves monitoring compliance, risk management, financial performance and stability.

The Board is led by the Chair and supported by the Executive comprised of Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The Principal and Business Manager also attend Executive meetings.

The Board is supported by the Finance and Audit Sub Committee, led by the Board Treasurer. This important group brings together specific commercial expertise and focuses on both the short and long-term financial position of the school.

The Board meets regularly. Members of the Board reflect the broad cross-section that makes up the school community.