School Captain 2021, Akhil Gadde

For Akhil Gadde, being a student at Goulburn Valley Grammar School means you have a place and you belong.

Now, as he reaches Term 4 of being the 2021 School Captain, Akhil looks back on his time in the role with great fondness and as an opportunity he will cherish.

“Since my early days at GVGS I realised that becoming a Prefect or School Captain meant I could become both a better leader and contribute to something which everyone could benefit,” he said.

“The school encourages you to make your place through friendships, activities and the day-to-day of life. Everyone belongs here.”

The 18-year-old, with a keen interest in playing, watching and talking about sport, has a clear passion for GVGS and the students and teachers who he gets to learn alongside each day.

While Akhil initially had a list of achievements he was hoping to reach this year as School Captain, COVID-19 had other plans. As circumstances changed, Akhil said it became clear that the most important role for him as a School Captain was to fulfil his duties, support his peers and fellow leaders, and preserve the GVGS culture.

Partnered up with Isabelle Trezise, Akhil said he couldn’t have asked for a better teammate to navigate the journey as School Captains.

While the pair have worked well to manage this year’s many challenges, Akhil admits the pandemic and home-schooling were difficult hurdles to overcome. Trying to lead the school while navigating the world of online learning, Akhil said he was blown away by the grit and determination shown by each student to take charge of their schooling.

With some clever thinking by students and staff, several major events could still be celebrated this year including Valentine’s Day, Concert Under the Stars, the Autumn Concert and World’s Greatest Shave.

“The limited moments we shared as a year level and with our friends have still made this year special for me personally,” Akhil said.

“Concert Under the Stars at the beginning of the year would have to be my favourite event for sure.”

Studying English, Math Methods, Specialist Maths, Physics, Chemistry and fast-tracking Indonesian, Akhil hopes to study a Bachelor of Commerce next year. With a keen interest in business and finance he is even thinking about the prospect of running his own business one day.

Throughout his time at GVGS, Akhil managed to maintain an impressive list of extra-curricular activities, including badminton, soccer, several school ensembles and productions.

“I think I’ll miss the mornings before school the most – all the empty hallways and the peaceful grounds before people slowly begin to show up,” he said.

“And then the hilarious conversations in our tute rooms or simply kicking a footy around in the yard.”

As for words of wisdom for next year’s Year 12’s, Akhil believes all they need is some determination and self-belief.

“You are all well prepared to handle anything 2022 can throw at you,” he said.

“Cherish the little moments and the big ones, work hard and listen to your teachers. Prove to yourself that you deserve to be where you are.”