2022 Furphy Literary Award Winners

The winners of the Furphy Literary Awards have recently been announced. Congratulations to all students from GVGS and across the Goulburn Valley who took on the challenge of entering their writing in the Junior and Youth sections of the competition. Thanks also to the Furphy Literary Awards for offering this invaluable opportunity to young writers.

Students from GVGS were shortlisted in all sections and we would particularly like to acknowledge those who have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in these prestigious awards.

In the Junior Short Story Section, congratulations to Lila Plunkett, of Year 7, who was awarded 1st Prize for her story, ‘Colour’. In a remarkable double, Lila was also awarded 2nd Prize for another of her stories, ‘The Cough’. Miriam Ford, of Year 7, placed third in the Junior Short Story Section with her story ‘A Light in the Darkness’.

In the Youth Short Story Section, congratulations to Layla O’Callaghan, of Year 11, who was awarded 1st Prize for her story, ‘The Taliban’. Congratulations also to Year 11 student Erin Hicks, who was awarded 2nd Prize with her story ‘Stars and Skies’ and Martha McKellar, of Year 8, who achieve 3rd Prize with her story ‘ Teenage Cage’.

In the Youth Poetry Section, congratulations to Layla O’Callaghan, of Year 11, on being awarded 2nd Prize for her poem, ‘Our Pastime’.

Congratulations to all the entrants and winners of the Furphy Literary Awards in 2022. We look forward to seeing even more entries from GVGS in next year’s competition.

All of these winning stories and poems can be read online at: