School Captain 2022, Alexandra Hatty

For Alex Hatty, being given the title of 2022 School Captain came as a surprise but it was one which brought with it a huge honour. The 18-year-old saw it as an opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and learn more about leadership. “I wanted to have the chance to be able to directly collaborate with other leaders and members of the School to be a driving force to help bring people together,” she said. 

Alex is the 2022 School Captain alongside Asthwath Ragade and the dynamic duo has formed a strong friendship in their role as school leaders and mentors. 

Growing up on a cropping farm on the outskirts of Tocumwal, Alex has a strong interest in art and enjoys working with different mediums to tell a story. It is this sense of creativity and unique eye that encouraged Alex to fast track Studio Arts as a subject in Year 11. She followed this by studying English, Biology, Mathematical Methods, Further Mathematics and Health and Human Development this year.  

It is clear Alex approaches life’s opportunities with a “can do” attitude and talks confidently about her participation in the World’s Greatest Shave event. Alex has taken this positive mindset into her role as School Captain, saying she hopes to inspire other students to feel empowered to take healthy risks and build stronger relationships between year levels. “My peers, other students, teachers and the staff at GVGS have created and maintained an environment in which people can feel comfortable and thrive,” she said. “I have always loved being a part of the School’s culture and will always appreciate what it has taught me and how it has helped me to embrace who I am.” 

Looking ahead to life after Year 12, Alex said she would like to take some time off to travel before completing further studies at university in the Allied Health field. When asked if she had any parting words for her cohort, Alex’s answer was simple. “Enjoy this year,” she said.