School Captain 2023, Xavier Schmedje

As 2023 School Captain, Xavier Schemdje hoped he could bring the school community together and ensure all students felt included and welcomed. 

As he approaches the end of his time in the role, Xavier can proudly say he has done just that.  

Throughout his time at Goulburn Valley Grammar School, Xavier was inspired by the School Captains who came before him, eagerly watching them step up as a role model and leave a lasting legacy on the school. 

It was this experience watching previous School Captains which drove him to strive for the position when his time came around. 

“When I found out that I was appointed as School Captain, I was incredibly honoured and excited about the opportunity to give back to the school community and follow in the footsteps of some of my role models,” he said. 

“Throughout my years at GVGS, I have seen the impact that past Prefects and leaders have had on the school culture, creating a sense of inclusivity and community within the school.” 

This strong sense of community is one of the things Xavier loves most about GVGS. 

He proudly acknowledges the support students show to one another and their ability to celebrate the achievements of their colleagues. 

“There is a sense of collective pride in our school and in the success of GVGS students,” Xavier said. 

“Everyone is important, no matter who you are. The school community, particularly the teachers, want the best for you and help you to succeed. The school creates an environment where anyone can achieve success.” 

Xavier said this is one of the things he will miss the most as he approaches life after high school. 

“I will miss the supportive culture of the school, the feeling that no matter what you are doing people are happy to offer a hand and point you in the right direction,” he said. 

Having studied Specialist Maths, Mathematical Methods, Physics, Chemistry, English, and fast-tracking Indonesian as a second language last year, Xavier has his eyes now set on his dream career – an aerospace engineer. 

“I would love to be involved in designing and researching anything related to rockets, satellites and space travel, particularly for NASA,” he said. 

With the year now almost over, Xavier is getting ready to pass the baton over to the next School Captains.  

When asked what his words of advice would be to the class of 2024, he said it was simple.  

“Enjoy every moment of it. There are highs and lows, but Year 12 is an incredible experience, and you should make the most of it,” Xavier said.