Gargayee Satish-Gowda , Class of 2023

Born in India, Gargayee Satish-Gowda moved to Kyabram with her family when she was three years old. Her mother is a lab technician and her father works as a microbiologist.

“My parents are really into science and so am I,” she says.

Gargayee started high school at St Augustine’s School in her hometown before commencing her VCE studies at GVGS in 2022.

One of her favourite things about being at GVGS has been re-connecting with a childhood friend, as well as making lots of new friends too.

This year, Gargayee holds the senior leadership position of Social Justice Executive, a role she says has given her the opportunity to voice her ideas and collaborate with her peers on events.

I’ve met so many amazing people in the short time I’ve been here,” she says. “I’ve really enjoyed connecting with like-minded people who have the same life goals as myself. The school community has been really welcoming and supportive.”

Having taken Italian classes at her former high school, Gargayee chose to continue her studies throughout Years 11 and 12 through the Victorian School of Languages.

“I’m really interested in languages and I would love to be fluent in as many as possible,” she says. “I think language is so fascinating because it can help you learn about other people’s culture and how things work in their world. It’s also a great challenge – I would recommend everyone studies a second language because it’s a great skill to have.”

Next year, she plans to study medicine.

“I’ve applied to universities all over the country so I hope I get in somewhere,” she says. “Growing up in a rural area, I found it can be difficult for people who have multicultural backgrounds to find tailored medical advice. My ultimate goal is to become a doctor who helps people of colour, ensuring everyone has access to equitable healthcare. I would love to go to university in Australia, but I’m exploring my options. I’d be open to moving to Canada and studying there – I want to explore the world as much as I can.”