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Respectful Behaviour Policy

Bullying in any form will not be tolerated at GVGS. Students learn best when they are happy and feel safe. Creating and maintaining this caring environment is a priority at our school. This is a shared responsibility for all members of our community including staff, students and families.

What is bullying?

Bullying is when someone or a group of people with more power repeatedly ad intentionally causes hurt or harm to another person or group of people who feel helpless to respond. Bullying can continue over time, is often hidden from adults and will probably continue if no action is taken.

Bullying isn’t:

·        Single episodes of social rejection or dislike

·        Single acts of nastiness or spite

·        Random acts of aggression or intimidation

·        Mutual arguments, disagreements or fights

Types of bullying

Physical bullying: includes hitting, kicking, tripping, pinching and pushing or damaging property

Verbal bullying includes name calling, insults, teasing, intimidation, homophobic or racist remarks, or verbal abuse.

Covert bullying is often hard to recognise and can be carried out behind the bullied person’s back. It is designed to harm someone’s social reputation and/or cause humiliation. Covert bullying includes:

·        Lying and spreading rumours

·        Negative facial or physical gestures, menacing or contemptuous looks

·        Playing nasty jokes to embarrass and humiliate

·        Mimicking unkindly

·        Encouraging others to socially exclude someone

·        Damaging someone’s social reputation or social acceptance

Cyberbullying is overt or covert bullying behaviours using digital technologies. Examples include harassment via a mobile phone, setting up a defamatory personal website or deliberately excluding someone from social networking places. Cyberbullying can happen at any time. It can be in public or in private, and sometimes only known to the target and the personal bullying.


Harassment is any verbal, physical or sexual conduct (including gestures) which is uninvited, unwelcome or offensive to a person.

Refer to the GVGS school website for the Respectful Behaviour Policy.

If you are being bullied you can do something about it!


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