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Academic Scholarship

Academic Scholarship

Scholarship applications for 2019 entry may be made from December 2017.

Academic scholarships are available for entry to: 

  • Year 5 
  • Year 7
  • Year 10
  • Year 11

Goulburn Valley Grammar School scholarship examinations are conducted by EduTest Australia. Registration and payment for Academic Scholarships can only be made online. 

Students currently attending Goulburn Valley Grammar School and students not yet attending the school may apply for Years 7 and 11 Academic Scholarships. 

Year 10 and Year 5 Academic Scholarships are for students not currently attending the school.

Academic Scholarships provide for up to 50% remission of the tuition fee.  All other fees are payable. 

Scholarships at Year 5 are awarded for two years.  Scholarships at other levels may be awarded for two years or for the duration of secondary education, providing the student makes satisfactory progress.


Important Dates

Registration for Academic Scholarships closes on Friday 16th March 2018.

Examinations will be held on Saturday 24th March 2018.

The following information should be noted:

• Please read carefully the ‘Scholarship and Entrance Testing Information' on the EduTest Website

• A fee of $80 (incl. GST) is required for each application and payment is required at the completion of the on-line registration process. An additional charge of $227 (including GST) will be charged for applications received after the closing date.

Examinations will be held at Goulburn Valley Grammar School, 455 Verney Road, Shepparton on Saturday 24th March 2018. Details will be emailed to each candidate sitting at Goulburn Valley Grammar School.

On the day of the scholarship, students are asked to assemble at 8.45am in the Foyer of Founders Hall.  The examination will finish at approximately 11.30am and parents are asked to meet the children back in the Foyer.  Please bring 2 blue or black pens to the examination.  Rulers, mathematical instruments (including calculators, calculator watches), watches that beep, mobile phones, books or papers of any kind are not permitted. Students may bring a snack and a drink for the mid-morning break.



It is anticipated that results will be available by late May.  Academic Scholarship candidates will be posted a report from EduTest with general information about each candidate's performance. EduTest has indicated that actual scores (or order of merit) must not be communicated to parents. This is a condition of entering students to this examination.


Apply online
Applicants must apply online through the following link:


Scholarship Online Registration




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