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General Maintenance

As the personal computers will be utilized across the curriculum and in many lessons each day, the school expects that students will maintain their personal computers in good working order. By using common sense and following this basic guide, students will get the most use and enjoyment out of their Ultrabook:

  • Do not install too many programs on the Ultrabook. The more installed, the slower the Ultrabook will run. Extra programs, like different Internet browsers etc will only slow down your Ultrabook. When students receive their Ultrabook it is in perfect working condition - most issues reported to Technical Services are results of software students have installed themselves.

• Do not drop the Ultrabook onto any hard surface (such as a desktop in the classroom). The Ultrabook should be treated with care.

• The LCD screen must only be cleaned using a lint free cloth and approved LCD cleaner (kits are available from most computer suppliers).

WARNING: Household cleaners may cause irreparable damage to LCD.
• The case and lid may be cleaned using a clean dampened cloth that has had any excess water squeezed out.• Do not place heavy objects on the Ultrabook. • Ensure nothing is left on the keyboard when closing the Ultrabook screen. • Dropping a school bag with the Ultrabook inside may cause severe damage to the computer. • Do not allow drinks or liquids near the Ultrabook. • Do not force the Ultrabook into tightly packed suitcases, bags or backpacks. The compression may cause damage to the Ultrabook or crack the LCD screen. • Do not scratch, dent or bend any part of the Ultrabook. • Do not pick up or hold the Ultrabook by the LCD screen. • Only use the AC adaptor supplied with the Ultrabook. Do not attempt to use a different brand or model for charging the Ultrabook. Doing so may result in damage • Be careful what links are clicked on while surfing the Internet malware is the number one cause of a Ultrabook running slowly.

• Don’t install P2P or file sharing programs - they are the second highest cause of technical issues!

It is important that students notify the IT Service Desk immediately if their Ultrabook is not functioning properly. Our qualified staff can quickly diagnose the problems and in some cases fix issues within a few hours (particulate in the case of software problems).

All of our personal computers are covered by a three (3) year warranty that will cover many hardware failures. We also insure the devices for accidental damage and theft (please see PNP Agreement for Insurance excess amounts and conditions).

As the Ultrabook supplied is to be used as a tool for accessing educational resources, Technical Services staff will endeavor to have any non-working laptop repaired and returned to the student as soon as possible. In the event that a Ultrabook cannot be repaired within 48 hours, a Loan Ultrabook will be issued for the period.

Students who are issued with a loan Ultrabook will have all their data transferred from their own device to the loan Ultrabook where possible to allow for minimal disruption to the student’s studies.

It is expected that students will look after loan Personal Computers as if they were their own. While there is no fixed time period for the loaning of Personal Computers (based on the nature of repair required), students must return the loan unit within 24 hours of being notified that their device has been repaired. This is to ensure those loans Personal Computers are available for other students who may need them.

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