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General Use and Expectations

The personal computers we issue to our students are considered to be the best compact device available that still offer the features that students require in the classroom. The personal computers we issue, while being light and small enough to carry around are still powerful enough to perform all the tasks we require within the curriculum. We don’t intend them to replace all of the desktop computers around the School where there is still demand for some high processor demanding tasks. (eg Manipulating photos in Art). The laptops are seen more as a personal connection to the online world. They provide basic functions, like word processing, presentation software, basic media editing etc. Most importantly, they provide all students with an instant connection to the rich resources on Moodle and to the amazing Web2.0 tools available on the Internet.

We don’t expect the school personal computers to run high end games or software that require huge processing capacity. We expect them to be able to operate the software we provide to students well.

The school has a number of general expectations for our students in regards to their personal computers as set out in the Loan Agreement. These are reprinted below :

I agree and understand that:

1. In cases of negligent or deliberate actions on the part of a student that result in damage to the Ultrabook, their parents may be asked to fully recompense the school for the cost of repairing or replacing the machine.

2. I will log on to the Ultrabook only with my user name and password. I will not allow anyone else to use the device.

3. In using the Ultrabook, I will not have any involvement in any activity or material that may put me or anyone else at risk. This includes bullying, harassment, disclosing confidential information and security breaches.

4. I understand that the Ultrabook is a school owned device and on loan to me for a three year period.

5. I understand that whilst at school, and if not being used in class, (eg during Sport), the Ultrabook will be stored in the student’s locked locker.

6. I understand that the Ultrabook is a core learning tool and will be utilized in a range of ways in different subjects and with different teachers.

7. I understand that the Ultrabook is expected to be taken home each evening and fully charged. This includes on weekends. There is no provision to charge Ultrabooks at school.

8. I will only install applications on the Ultrabook that are legal and that I legally own. I will not install or seek to install applications that can be used to perform intrusive tasks such as key-logging, packet sniffing, traffic monitoring etc.

9. I am responsible for the general care and maintenance of the Ultrabook. This includes battery charging, data back-up (school network or at home), security and safety. I understand that IT Support will not perform any backup tasks prior to any repairs or service and that these tasks may result in loss or damage of my personal data (in the event of re-imaging or replacement hard drives etc).

10. I will carry the Ultrabook in the supplied slipcase at all times as I move around the school and when travelling to and from school.

11. Any damage to the Ultrabook must be reported promptly to the IT Service desk.

12. The Ultrabook will have full access to the school network, Learning Management System and the Homelink portal. It will be able to access the network via wireless or cable connections on the school site; off-site Internet connections will also enable access. However it is not the responsibility of the school to arrange or provide internet access outside the school site. It is also not the responsibility of IT Support to troubleshoot home internet connections. Issues with home internet should be directed to the internet service provider.

13. I understand that at the end of the loan period the Ultrabook and all accessories (bag, a/c charger) must be returned to the IT Service Desk. Should I cease enrolment at the school prior to the end of the loan period, I understand that the Ultrabook must be returned prior to my departure. If the device is not returned or is returned with missing parts or willful damage, I understand that I will be liable for the replacement costs.

14. I understand that the school may request the return of the Ultrabook at any time for audit or repair. The school commits to either replacing the device or returning the existing device as soon as possible. Loan devices are recorded against students issued with temporary devices and are subject to all conditions applied to the originally assigned device.



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